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Kings and Queens 3

Nimaethap  ( 3 rd Dynasty )
Nimaethap was the wife of Khasekhemwy and the mother of Djoser, the first Pharaoh of the Third dynasty of Egypt.

Sekhmekhet  ( 3 rd Dynasty )
Sekhmekhet was the third king of the third dynasty ruling from 2648 to 2640 B.C. about 8 years. His name is carved on a cliff near (Al-Maghara Valley) in Sinai. The king has an unfinished pyramid at Saqqara.

His unfinished pyramid was discovered at Saqqara, It may have been designed by Imhotep, who was active after Zoser's death.

Reign from 2648 to 2640 BC   3rd Dynasty

Predecessor (Djoser)

Successor (Khaba)

Children (Khaba)

Monuments (Buried Pyramid)

Khaba  ( 3 rd Dynasty )

King of Egypt, fourth king of the third dynasty, ruling from 2640 to 2637 B.C. about 4 years. Less is known about him.

Khaba is believed to have built his funerary monument in Zawyet El-Aryan, about 7 km north of Saqqara. It was left unfinished at an early stage of its building. Height about 20m (unfinished), base about 84m.

Reign from 2640 to 2637 BC     3rd Dynasty

Predecessor (Sekhemkhet)

Successor (Huni) 

Father (Sekhemkhet )

Monuments (Layer Pyramid)

Huni  ( 3 rd Dynasty )

Huni was the last Egyptian Pharaoh of the third dynasty.

He ruled Egypt from 2599 to 2575 BC. The king established a fortress on the island of Elephantine; also he built a pyramid at Meidum. The Pyramid at Maidum is a big step forward for pyramid builders it is the first to be planned from the beginning with smooth sides. Huni's vizier was a man named Kagemi.

Reign from 2637 to 2613 BC      3rd Dynasty

Predecessor Khaba

Successor Sneferu

Children Hetepheres I, Sneferu

Father  Khaba
Monuments Step pyramid, Island fort at Elephantine, Meidum Pyramid 

King Huni

Sneferu ( 4 th Dynasty )
Sneferu ruled Egypt of 2613 BC to 2589. He was the founder of the Fourth Dynasty in Egypt. He is the first king of the construction of the pyramid is real. Three famous pyramids associated with the name of King Senefru (Meidum Pyramid, Red Pyramid and Bent pyramids at Dahshur).This pyramids that survive to this day.

Predecessor (Huni)
Successor (Khufu)
Children (Nefermaat, Rahotep, Ranefer, Hetepheres A, Khufu, Kanefer, Ankhhaf, Netjeraperef, Iynefer I, Meritites I, Nefertkau, Nefertnesu, Henutsen)
Mother (Meresankh I)
Monuments (Bent Pyramid, Red Pyramid, Meidum Pyramid)
King Sneferu

Queen Hetepheres I ( 4 th Dynasty )
Spouse (Sneferu)
Father (Huni)

Khufu ( 4 th Dynasty )
Khufu was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt's (Old Kingdom). He ruled from around 2589 to 2566 B.C. 23 years. Generally Khufu was accepted as being the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Khufu's full name was (Khnum-Khufu) by the meaning (the god Khnum protects me).The history remembers Khufu, the Great Pyramid of Giza as a testament to his tremendous ability to coordinate hundreds of workers towards one purpose. It is through this fantastic architectural marvel that Khufu will be remembered as one of many famous Egyptian pharaohs.

Reign from 2589 to 2566 BC      4th Dynasty
Predecessor (Sneferu)
Successor (Djedefre)
Children (Kawab, Djedefhor, Hetepheres II, Meritites II, Meresankh II, Baufra, Djedefra, Minkhaf I, Khafre, Khufukhaf I, Babaef I, Horbaef, Nefertiabet, possibly Khamerernebty I, possibly Nefermaat II)
Father (Pharaoh Sneferu)
Mother (Queen Hetepheres I)
Monuments (Great Pyramid of Giza, Khufu ship)
King Khufu Egyptian museum
King Khufu Egyptian museum
King Khufu Egyptian museum

Queen Meritites I  ( 4 th Dynasty )
She was a daughter of King Sneferu and the wife of King Khufu. Her name means (Beloved of her Father). 

Queen Henutsen 
Henutsen was a daughter of Pharaoh Sneferu and his third wife.  

Djedefre ( 4 th Dynasty )

Djedefre was the son and successor of Khufu. He ruled Egypt from 2528 BC, to 2520 BC. (8 years). His name meaning (enduring like Re). He built his pyramid at Abu-Rawash (8 kilometers north of Giza); the pyramid includes a statue of his wife in the form of a sphinx. The solar cult grew in power during his reign. His royal cemetery near of his pyramid and include about 50 mastaba tombs.

Reign from 2566 to 2558 BC      4th Dynasty

Predecessor (Khufu)

Successor (Khafra)
Children (Hernet, Baka, Setka, Nikaudjedefre, Hetepheres, Neferhetepes)
Father (Khufu)
Monuments (Pyramid of Djedefre)
Djedefre - Louvre Museum

Queen Hetepheres II  ( 4 th Dynasty )
Queen Hetepheres II she was a daughter of Khufu and was either born during the reign of her grandfather Sneferu

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